LVTBT Privacy Policy
 Last update: October 15, 2022 Effective date: January 2, 2022
 LVTBT is a social product provided by Zhengzhou Teba Computer Technology Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "LVTBT Network") for making friends and providing matchmaking services.In order to explain how LVTBT will collect, use and store your personal information and what rights you have, we will explain to you through this policy.The key points are as follows:
 3. We will explain the types of personal information we collect from you and their corresponding uses one by one, so that you can understand the specific types, use scenarios, purposes and methods of personal information we collect for specific functions.When you use a certain function, we will follow the principles of legality, legitimacy and necessity and collect some of your personal information after obtaining your consent.For detailed information about the personal information we collect, you can see the "List of Personal Information Collection".
 4. When we provide products/services to you, as some services cannot be completed by us alone, we will entrust authorized third-party partners or use third-party SDK related technologies to provide you with some services while taking strict security measures.Services or perform some functions on behalf of us to ensure that you can normally use relevant products/services. We will require third-party partners to sign a confidentiality agreement and abide by the confidentiality agreement, and collect, use, store, disclose and process your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures.For the third-party SDK embedded in our APP, you can see the "Third-party SDK List" (iOS) and "Third-party SDK List" (Android).
 5. When you use certain functions, we will collect your sensitive personal information after obtaining your consent.For example, when you use the LVTBT function, we will collect your location information.Unless it is required to collect in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the refusal to provide such information will only prevent you from using the relevant specific functions, but will not affect your normal use of other functions of Green Travel.
 <>, You can view, correct and delete your personal information through the channels and ways listed in this policy, or withdraw your consent, cancel your account, complain and report, set personalized recommendation management and other privacy functions.
 <>, In order to collect your information in accordance with this policy, or provide you with services, optimize our services, and ensure the security of your account, we need to ask you for relevant permissions;among which, location, camera, microphone, photo album and other sensitive permissions will not be opened by default. Only with your express consent will we invoke or use it to the extent you have consented.
 It is important to note that our acquisition of certain sensitive permissions does not mean that we will necessarily collect your relevant information; even if we have obtained sensitive permissions, we will only do so to the extent necessary during your use of the relevant services or features. Information about you is collected in accordance with this Policy.